Beginners meditation program

 ? What is meditation and why practice it at all 

Meditation is a powerful tool for raising the quality of life and coping with the challenges of life. It leads to the expansion of self-awareness and serves as an excellent tool for solving problems, taking responsibility and creating change in life. It increases concentration and memory, relieves tension and stress, encourages creativity and more.

Meditations are currently performed on a regular basis in hospitals, schools, prisons, airports, factories and government companies. Many doctors recommend meditation as a powerful tool for healing chronic diseases, pain, imbalance, trauma, psychiatric illness, hyperactivity, and depression. Meditation is also a preventive tool, and it has been shown that people who meditate on a regular basis are more successful, happier, calmer, and less prone to illness. You can practice sedentary meditation on the floor, a comfortable pillow, leaning on a wall or chair, whatever is convenient for you
In all known religions
there are
meditation exercises
Starting with meditations of
thousands of years in
Kabbalah and Judaism,

the Buddhist monks The meditative dancing of the
Muslim Sufis,

the ecstatic dance of the Hasidim in
Judaism, the silent monks in

Christianity and the Hindus
who repeat a Sanskrit
mantra and strive

to unite with God. Transcendental Meditation,
Tai Chi, Guided Imagination,

Dynamic Meditation, Chi Kung,
Yoga and more.
Meditation is not a
religious pra
It is important to understand that
the main function

of meditation is To help us significantly increase
our quality
of life because of the practice Teaches us to create within ourselves
a quiet and emotional

stability against the ever-changing
circumstances of life. Practicing meditation allows us to be
more creative, more productive,

full of vitality and joy, to take
advantage of

more than one percent of the brain Thus getting different and deep
perspectives on different situations

in our lives and finding
creative solutions
How is the course
for beginners?
6 simple video lessons for
practice which
will be sent to you directly
to your email once every 5 days
in which you will learn The entire basis and how to introduce
the meditation practice To the routine of your life and thus to
receive its many benefits. Course structure 30 Day Meditation Challenge 6 different and basic
meditations, each of which
will be practiced
in a sequence of 5 days
(10-15 minutes per day) And then you will have a toolbox
to practice in your life as
well as to know what kind
of meditation
you are attracted to and love more.
Lesson 1 - Sound River
Meditation Lesson 2 - Meditation of
Respiratory Secrets Lesson 3 - The mystery
in the
spaces between
thoughts Lesson 4 - Visual Sense
Meditation Lesson 5 - Power of Mantras Lesson 6 - Meditation
of the
wisdom of the heart
How much
does the course
Full Price is -
189 Euro discount price
(until 31.3.19) 120 Euro only !

About myself

My name is Roi Or Born in 1977,
practicing and studying
meditation since 2000 My qualifications include
a yoga teacher
and a reflexologist,
who has a yoga studio in
Israel in the past. I have a background in working
with children and the disabled
in the past. By 2015, I was recovering from cancer And since then a healthy way of life
is my way of living which I share
and teach in many ways
A meditation teacher, a mentor
and a guide to a healthy
and benevolent way of life. Founder of the Internet School for
Quit Smoking and Healthy Living.

Meditation is one of the
most wonderful gifts
you can give yourself

נבנה באמצעות מערכת דפי הנחיתה של רב מסר